Womens Left Handed Golf Clubs

While most golfers, and that includes women, are right-handed players, it is still not that difficult for the left handed female golfer to find the best Womens Left Handed Golf Clubs. Indeed, while golf stores tend to carry right-handed clubs primarily, most of the club manufacturers today do in fact make left-handed clubs identical to their best-selling right-handed sets including clubs for women. This is mainly due to the vastly increased number of recreational golfers, and that includes lefties, both men and women.

Probably the number one rule for left-handed golfers is to get left-handed clubs. While right-handed clubs are easier to find, will likely cost less, and you may have friends who will almost give them to you, you will never play to your near to your full potential or abilities nor really enjoy the game if, as a leftie, you try to play right-handed.

That said, the main thing to remember with golf clubs is that you need to get the best clubs that suit your physical dimensions, including your height, age and size, as well as your golf style and abilities. This is no different for left handed women golfers than for anyone wanting to play the game well and improve their enjoyment and scores. While golf equipment stores and course pro shops should have what you need, you may find that the internet is a better source with more choices and cheaper prices.

These are your three main sources for clubs and related golf equipment. One comment here that we feel is very important is that because you don’t buy new clubs very often, price should be secondary to your need to get the best golf clubs for you. Going cheap may not be the best option to playing well and getting your scores lower. This is especially true when searching for left-handed women’s golf clubs which are harder to find and may be more expensive as a result.

Several equipment manufacturers offer great left-handed sets for women. One in particular is Callaway Golf. They are committed to providing high quality golf clubs no matter which of your hands is dominant. Their lines include complete sets, as well as drivers, irons, putters and hybrid clubs individually. Nike and Mizuno are two other makers who make lots of left-handed sets for women. If you are really serious about your golf, you might want to go for custom-made left handed women’s clubs. All you need is a number of your physical measurements including height, weight, age, speed of swing and distance from your wrist to the floor. What’s more, several of the major club manufacturers will custom make clubs for you.

While this route is somewhat more expensive than off-the-shelf sets, it can be well worth the extra money as they will only add to your satisfaction and enjoyment of this great game!